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**Sold out Spring 2021**

Wow, Spring 2021 was crazy!  Thanks to all who ordered! Pre-orders are now being accepted for our Fall 2021 shipments, which should be shipped out around the middle of October. Get your orders in now, before we sell out again!

$12 per pound (4-8 tubers; larger tubers can be divided similar to potatoes.  1lb should give you 10 plants.)

We've been so busy this spring, we haven't had time to actually take an official picture of Nahodka for the website!

This Russian variety is a late maturing variety that needs room to grow!  It grew to about 14 feet tall for us, which worked perfectly as a natural privacy fence.   The tubers are more elongated than our other varieties, and produces a nice tuber set.

For Fall 2021 orders, we hope to start shipping mid to late October.  Of course, the specific date is up in the air, depending on mother nature, but well get them shipped out as soon as we possibly can!  Also, studies show that Fall plantings will give you slightly larger yield than Spring plantings.  Bonus!

Sorry, no international orders - we only sell within Canada!

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