Jerusalem Artichoke - Stampede


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Thanks to all for a great Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 season!  Pre-orders are now being accepted for Fall 2019 shipments.  Studies show that fall plantings produce slightly larger yields in the following season and it's when we would recommend planting, so get your orders in now before we sell out!  We're hoping to begin shipment mid-October!


Stampede are prolific producers and are extremely early bloomers, so you get a great crop of tubers, plus a nice show of yellow sunflower-like flowers.  The only downside to Stampede is that they're a tad knobbier than the other varieties we sell.

For Fall 2019 shipping, we hope to start shipping mid-October, as soon as the plants die back! 

Sorry, no international orders - we only sell within Canada!

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